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With local telephone service from CS Technologies Telephone, your calls will be clear and uninterrupted.

Landline phone service is still one of the most reliable technologies around and CS Technologies Telephone continues to provide you with the assurance of quality communications. Since our business began in 1902 we’ve been committed to offering our customers the best personalized service with the latest telecommunications services available.

Residential Service

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Our telephone service along with some great calling features helps you stay connected with friends and family from home.

All residential calling plans give you unlimited local calling throughout the Iowa Quadcities. With affordable long distance rates, you have the freedom to call anyone around the country or the world at anytime.

Call us at (563) 285-9611 for more information.

Business Service

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A strategic communication plan is a necessary and key element in any successful organization. Central Scott Telephone can assist your business with dependable telephone service in a number of ways...traditional phone service or with an integrated voice/data service as well.

With great calling features, unlimited local calling throughout the Iowa Quadcities and quality long distance rates, we can help your business connect to customers with the best services available in the area.

Call us at (563) 285-9611 for more information.