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Our Long Distance plans help you stay connected to family and friends. Plans are affordable and there are no penalties for going over your plan minutes. Use the calculator to determine which plan will work best for you.

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2,500 min Residential Plan

For a monthly fee, you can eliminate the worry about your long distance bill. You get up to 2,500 minutes of long distance calling to anyone in the country at anytime. With this plan, you get the following benefits:
  1. Local Residential Phone-line
  2. Up to 2,500 Minutes of Long Distance to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and the Virgin Islands
  3. Up to 5 Calling Features of your choice, pick from:
    • Anonymous Call Rejection, Automatic Callback, Automatic Recall, Call Forwarding, Caller I.D., Caller I.D./Call Waiting, Call Number Block, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Distinctive Ring/Teen Service, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Rejection, Speed Call (8), Speed Call (30) and Three Way Calling.

Call us at (563) 285-9611 for more information.

10¢ min Plan


For a very low monthly fee, you get a flat rate of 10¢ per minute. Call anytime and anywhere in the U.S.

Call us at (563) 285-9611 for more information.

14¢ min Plan

No monthly service charge

Perfect for households using less than 100 Long Distance minutes per month. One flat rate. Call anytime and anywhere in the U.S.

Call us at (563) 285-9611 for more information.


*Price shown does not include Federal, state and local taxes, governmental regulatory fees and surcharges. Available in Eldridge, Park View, Long Grove, Donahue, McCausland and northern Scott County.